Inspiration on the Drawing Board: TerraSante

TerraSante is a master planned community located in the Rainbow Valley area of Goodyear, Ariz. The property is nestled in a spectacular setting in the Sonoran Desert and at the base of the majestic Estrella Mountains.

The master plan envisions the development of 4,500 homes adjacent to the central topographic feature branded as Spirit Ridge. The visioning process for this plan required extensive consideration to define and resolve challenges—from community visioning exercises to development execution. The brand design for the community emphasizes inclusivity as a welcoming beacon to the community and the broad spectrum of planned future residents.

TerraSante, meaning sacred earth, features a central hill named Spirit Ridge. A collective path leads to a peaceful reflection space for community congregation and indulgence of nearby mountain views. The central commercial center is envisioned as a regional medical center with accompanying supporting uses. Local trails will connect parks throughout the community, all leading back to Spirit Ridge and that shared community gathering space.

The planning and design team also focused on jurisdictional annexation, transportation infrastructure extensions, and water/wastewater systems (inclusive of defining water resources) in support of a community water budget, conservation and reuse plan.

Developer | Scott Ward
Land Planner | Alan Beaudoin
Landscape Architect/Designer | Mary Estes

Judges’ Comments | The concept of art integration is interesting, as are the sculptures present on the property.

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