Design Details That Wow: Homestead Revival

The Homestead Revival Stairwell is a captivating testament to the harmonious blend of history and modernity. This newly renovated space pays homage to the original charm of the early 1900s farmhouse while infusing it with new life and character.

One of the most striking features of this stairwell is its custom wainscoting, meticulously crafted to provide an elegant backdrop for the art pieces that adorn the walls. The wainscoting not only preserves the vintage aesthetic but also showcases the home owner’s personal touch.

As you ascend the stairwell, your gaze is drawn upward to the beautifully stained paneling on the ceilings, which adds warmth and sophistication to the space. Moreover, the inclusion of a skylight allows an abundance of natural light to stream in, creating a bright, inviting atmosphere that connects the indoors with the beauty of the outdoors.

Last but certainly not least, a cozy window seat was strategically placed to offer a respite and capture the property’s breathtaking mountain views. It serves as a tranquil spot for reflection, reading, or simply enjoying the serenity of nature.

Judges’ Comments | The nook at the landing is a nice touch—it’s something special that you don’t see very often. The way they took it all the way to the ceiling adds drama, and the art niche at the top of the stairwell is also nice. 

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