The New Best in American Living Is Here!

Summertime, summertime, sum- sum- summertime…the new summer issue of Best in American Living is here! We’re looking at new and exciting innovations in today’s most beautiful homes and communities.

The Drawing Board: This award-winning Madison, Wisconsin college dormitory boasts amenities the students’ parents would love.

Going Green: From lighting to stormwater, the all-new National Green Building Standard is better than ever.

Marketplace: Best in Green Award Young Professional Karen Benner shares her secrets to success and showcases her company’s latest redevelopment community.

Portfolio: Our Best in American Living judges awarded Irvine, California’s Beacon Park with a Platinum award for Best Community. Here’s what makes this neighborhood so special.

Proofs and Truths: It’s far too easy to be overbilled for impact fees. Here are seven things to watch out for.

Policy Watch: EPA just raised its ozone standards. If you build in an area that does not meet attainment, local municipalities may look to help you make the grade.

Tools and Techniques: Earning the trust of this forgotten demographic will pay off–big time.

It’s All in the Details: How to keep the bathroom from being a place where accidents are waiting to happen.

Special Section: See the best of the best in the 2015 Best in American Award Winners Portfolio.


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