Upgrade Ideas for Terraces & Rooftops

Summertime is here and it is a great time to enjoy outdoor living. Not having a backyard is not a problem this summer. Living in an apartment with a nice terrace, or a multistory building with a rooftop presents an opportunity to create many ideas for a nice outdoor space to enjoy this summer.

Plants & Views

The first step is to consider the view. If the view surrounding the terrace or the rooftop is good, then it can be used as the focal point of the design. However, if the view is not great then use the center of the seating area as the focal point and block the view using for example tall plants or a green wall.

Create a sanctuary with flowers and plants, and place as many as needed of them around the terrace area to bring it to life. 

Make sure to select the types of plants that will survive the outdoor climate of your area and make sure you select a vibrant variety of colors to create a beautiful oasis-like space.


Adding light makes the space look bigger, so especially if the space is not that large adding decorative life will bring it to life and make it look more spacious. Make sure to avoid the light that is too bright and try to create a cozy welcoming space instead. String lights are great to use in this case. You can also use floor lamps and candles for a more romantic feel.  So, whether the required mood is cozy, romantic, or disco-like choosing the right types of light will help to deliver the required mood.

Outdoor Furniture

Choosing appropriate outdoor furniture is very important. Try to integrate materials that will endure the heat and the changing weather. Select fabrics that will also not fade in the heat or collect dust as much as possible. It is important to choose comfortable furniture as well, whether it is items like a hammock or a swing or a couch, a table, and some seats.


Having a barbecue on your terrace is unequivocally one of the coolest ways to use an outdoor area. Throwing parties and gathering friends is a fun activity that people living in apartments with access to a terrace or a rooftop can easily enjoy.


If the weather is super-hot, using fans will help to circulate the air and make the area more adequate for use in this case. Fans can be added as a decorative element as much as a functional one, as long as the choice is made consciously to fit the overall style.    

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