Beyond Julia Child’s Kitchen

Thermador Freedom(R) Induction Cooktop-2Things sure have changed since Thanksgivings of decades ago.

Whether made with wireless technology or high-tech ceramic glazes, the newest kitchen, bath and laundry devices just keep making life easier.

It’s hard to imagine what Julia Child would think of all this. To see her kitchen on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC, it’s obvious how far and fast kitchen technology has progressed. And it’s not just colors and styles.

Brillion_iPhone_ovens2Today’s customers can tell their ovens and clothes washers what to do when they’re not home, and evenly heat nearly the entire surface of a 36- by 21-inch cooktop. What’s more, kitchen and bath designers and engineers say this is just the beginning of such exciting advances.

The Best in American Living article, Beyond Julia Child’s Kitchen, tells us more…

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