Grow Community, Winner of NAHB’s 2014 Best in Green Development Award

artizenGrow Community, designed by PHC Construction and located in Bainbridge Island, WA is this week’s featured green development project.

A 2014 Best in Green award winner, Grow Community centers on net-zero energy homes, smart transportation options, reducing water use, increasing local food consumption and a community center where neighbors gather and connect. Below are ten ways Grow Community incorporates green technology and techniques into its award-winning design.

Quick stats

  • Acres: 8
  • Number of lots/homes: 24 lots/43 units
  • Type: Community homes
  • Green certification(s): 5-Star Built Green homes
  • Other achievements: One of seven One Planet endorsed communities worldwide (the first residential one in the U.S.); is the largest planned solar community in Washington state

10 of Grow Community’s green features:

  • Rooftop solar panels are designed to provide each home with all of its energy needs.
  • Organic “p-patch” community gardens and natural green spaces provide residents communion with nature and one another.
  • A bike share program allows residents to be sustainable and self-sufficient in their transportation.
  • Building materials are almost entirely free of PVC.
  • Building materials are locally sourced and renewable wherever possible.
  • All paints, stains and sealants contain little or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • An energy efficient “envelope” for each home, consisting of insulated walls and ceilings, high quality windows, and split-heat pumps.
  • Grow Community feature energy efficient appliances.
  • All of the fixtures have high water conservation ability. Water use in these houses is significantly reduced with low flow fixtures, water efficient dishwashers, and washing machines.
  • One Planet living ensures that each house is self-sustaining through techniques such as zero-carbon, waste reduction, sustainable water use, and more.

Find out how your green project can win Best in Green in the newly announced NAHB Green Awards here.

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