Lapping up Luxury Amenities

dog1With more than 152 million pets in the U.S., it’s no wonder buyers are looking for homes and communities with features that are just as welcoming for Fido and Fluffy.

In fact, some communities are using pet-friendly features to bring in new residents. Spending time with pets is very important to families, retirees, and the biggest generation (and future buyers) America has seen yet – millennials.

dog2Dog park networks, twilight group walks, ground level fountains and doggy-bag stations are just a few of the trends that build friendships and communities–the very foundations of a good neighborhood. And simple additions like artificial turf play areas and self-service dog-washing stations are paying off in more renters and owners.

There are also the high-end services that catch the eyes (and paws) of customers–dog walkers, webcams, spas and vet transports are just a few. By the end of 2014, pet owners will have spent nearly $5 billion on their “fur kids.” Not surprisingly, they are willing to spend some of that money on pet home features too.

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