Prepping Homes for Holiday Guests

guestWith the holidays almost inevitably come overnight guests. You want to provide visitors with the best, most comfortable experience of your home (even those in-laws!). Here are some tips on what you can do now to start preparing:

Advice from notable bed-and-breakfasts: From checking ahead for allergies to providing toothbrushes, fine soaps and a “help-yourself-shelf,” you’ll be the host with the most with these guest prep tips (including a shopping list).

Show off your sheets: Your guests will go ga-ga if you follow these guidelines for their arrival; for example, listing local activities (and including the kids), new, soft sheets (here’s a handy thread count guide), and plenty of magazines, snacks and drinks.

The key to a good visit? Be a gracious host by stocking up on essentials (toilet paper, etc.), putting creature comforts on the bedside (water, flowers, etc.), and having key copies made. And while we’re at it, the article also includes a few tips on how you can be a gracious guest.

Don’t forget…Is there room for more coats in your closet? Can you provide for people’s pets? Is your house safe for the little ones? (And is the bar stocked for the big ones?) This slideshow guide really digs into some details we might overlook.

Creating great guest spaces: If you’re considering houseguests not only at the holidays but year-round, this Best in American Living article offers great insight on designing a home for guest space, privacy, entertainment, quiet time and more!

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