Best in Green Awards

uvThis entry is one of several in a series featuring winners of NAHB’s 2014 Best in Green Awards. This week: Sustainable Urban Villa, Winner of NAHB’s 2014 Best in Green Remodeling Award. 

Quick stats

  • Square footage: 3,460 ft.
  • Type: Private Residence
  • Green certification(s): LEED-Silver, Energy Star Rating

Sustainable Urban Villa, remodeled by Wolf Architects, Inc. and located in Cambridge, Mass., is this week’s featured green remodeling project. A 2014 Best in Green award winner, Sustainable Urban Villa has a different look and feel than the typical high-tech appearance of sustainable architecture with its use of reclaimed lumber and gardens. Below are ten ways this renovated traditional wood home incorporates green techniques into its award-winning design:

10 of Sustainable Urban Villa’s green features:

  • Wood siding and flooring constructed from reclaimed lumber
  • Green roofs and a green wall
  • Photovoltaic panels to capture solar power
  • 100% permeable ground surfaces including a permeable driveway with underground storage recharger chambers
  • A ground-source (geothermal) heating system
  • Uses terracing and retaining walls for erosion control
  • Located within half a mile of public transit
  • Uses marble and slate quarried in New England as primary materials
  • An emphasis on nature with sliding screens featuring laser cut leaves from nearby trees and window placement that considers view of trees
  • The home’s verticality reduces the carbon footprint

Find out how your green project can win Best in Green in the newly announced NAHB Green Awards here:

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