30 Years of Design Trends

4_1690Still haven’t entered the 2014 Best in American Living Awards? What are you waiting for?

For 30 years, Best in American Living has been following design trends across the country, and awarding the most creative and innovative. There’s still time before the Sept. 1 deadline to show off your best design, building and remodeling work.

Think your projects  set the bar both today and for the future? Send ’em in!

Need inspiration? Just like fashion, home design trends evolve drastically over the decades, like bellbottoms to skinny jeans or tie-dye to pinstripes.

Arverne By The Sea KitchenBut designs can also retain some of the looks and practices that stand the test of time, like a classic suit.

A review of the trends of the last 30 years of winners provides a unique look at what Americans valued, what technologies were available to us at the time, and how communities have evolved and changed over the generations.

Who knew bathrooms would grow smaller, but more luxurious and spa-like?

BranfOr that our apartment building would someday provide outlets for charging our cars?

Or that kitchens would grow from simply places to make meals and into a prominent feature of the home’s flow?

So much has changed–in single family, multifamily, rental. Go back in time with us as we look at the evolution of garages, porches, amenities, aging-in-place and more.

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