The Drawing Board: Creating Loveable Kitchens

Beechwood Homes KitchenIt used to be the kitchen was merely used for cooking meals.

But whether it’s after-school activities, preparing home-made pizzas, or hosting parties, people always seem to be drawn to this “Great Room” – and the latest design ideas show why in top interior designer Lita Dirks’ article, Create a Kitchen that a Home Buyer Loves Living In (Best in American Living Spring 2014 Issue).

But sometimes clients can become overwhelmed with the many (many!) options for modern kitchens.

The rules have changed. There is more than granite for surfaces. Walls don’t need to separate kitchens and living space. And islands aren’t just for cooking, but homework, games and conversation.

Arverne By The Sea KitchenA designer’s guidance can lead buyers in the right direction.

For example, do buyers want a “loud, shiny” finish or a “matte/quiet” one for the kitchen? Would a “drop zone” for kids’ belongings be helpful in the entrance? Questions and education are the keys to relieving buyer worries and building their confidence—and your relationship.

Finally, what’s NOT hot in 2014 kitchen design? Yellow-stained wood, isolation, neon and ornate decorative detailing just to name a few.

From hair-pulling to Hello, gorgeous! read on for how to make customers’ (or your own) kitchen the modern heart of the home.

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