Inspiration on the Drawing Board: Bleeker Residence

The Bleeker Residence is a historic preservation project in Aspen, Colo., that preserves, deconstructs and restores the existing home to revitalize its 1904 image while addressing the requirements of today with modern construction to provide a thriving home for the foreseeable future.

Historic preservation comes at a cost. It is no simple feat to deconstruct more than 50% of the existing structure—deemed historically insignificant—in order to reconstruct and preserve the architecture of more than a century ago, all the while underpinning the foundation to dig a subterranean basement.

In addition to preserving the historic resources, comprising the main house and carriage house, the property supports the new construction of an addition. The design of the addition responds to the formal language of the historic home given its relationship in massing, roof form and glazing while differentiating itself as “new” to avoid competing with the historic façade.

To differentiate the addition, the materials and minimalist details take on a modern aesthetic and contrast with the ornate detailing of the Victorian style. As shown in the Bleeker Street rendering, the architectural design has a natural progression from Victorian to modern architectural style, which is contextually relevant to the west end of Aspen.

The balance of old and new tells a story, one that we hope will stand the test of time and further contribute to the vibrant community of Aspen.

Architect/Designer | Brandon Architects
Landscape Architect/Designer | Connect One Design
Photographer | Brandon Architects

Judges’ Comments | For the design challenge that they have, it’s well done and simple. The new home tries to complement the original building with a breezeway. The final result appears realistic.

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