Multifamily Spotlight: The Session

The Session is a unique development that transformed two aging early-1900s townhomes near the U.S. Capitol. After losing much of their charm through piecemeal renovations, Monarch Urban tastefully restored and expanded the structures.

The end result is a single building housing seven luxury condominium units, with many original details preserved and enhanced. It is a testament to the power of allowing our cities to grow incrementally to fit their needs, all while enhancing and preserving neighborhood character.

Architect/Designer | Square 134
Builder | Monarch Building & Development Corp.
Developer | Monarch Urban
Interior Designer | Monarch Design
Marketing Firm | McWilliams | Ballard
Photographer | Studio Trejo

Judges’ Comments | The development provides lots of units, and showcases a fun streetscape and nice outdoor space. The open stairs are a nice touch inside the building, and the units are well staged.

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