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2022 Award Winners



Development up to 3 Stories, Built for Sale


The Session


Washington, District of Columbia

Architect/Designer | Square 134

Builder | Monarch Building & Development Corp.

Developer | Monarch Urban

Interior Designer | Monarch Design

Marketing Firm | McWilliams | Ballard

Photographer | Studio Trejo

The Session is a unique development that transformed two aging early-1900s townhomes near the U.S. Capitol. After losing much of their charm through piecemeal renovations, Monarch Urban tastefully restored and expanded the structures.

The end result is a single building housing seven luxury condominium units, with many original details preserved and enhanced. It is a testament to the power of allowing our cities to grow incrementally to fit their needs, all while enhancing and preserving neighborhood character.

From the Judges
The development provides lots of units, and showcases a fun streetscape and nice outdoor space. The open stairs are a nice touch inside the building, and the units are well staged.

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