Inspiration on the Drawing Board: RainDance

Northern Colorado has a rich agricultural and farming history founded on early settlers’ successes in establishing sustainable living. With these historical roots in mind, Martin Lind, a fourth-generation farmer, believed that agriculture and real estate development could be mutually beneficial.

Inspired by his personal experiences, family heritage, and relationships with other farmers in the area, Lind saw a future for Northern Colorado with a harmonious coexistence between the burgeoning need for housing and a rich agricultural history by empowering a unique, safe, productive place for community. RainDance was born of this vision — the need to create a collaborative farming community where people live among functional fields and orchards to share the produce of 50 acres of cultivated landscape. For residents, living here means being a part of something larger and experiencing a direct connection between the fruits of the land, the food on their tables, and the cycles of seasonal change. As the journey progresses, RainDance will be an invitation for all to live in the farm community and share the bounty for generations to come.

Developer | Water Valley Land Company
Land Planner | Norris Design
Landscape Architect/Designer | Norris Design
Marketing Firm | Art + Business ONE
Photographer | Norris Design

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