Inspiration on the Drawing Board: Baseline East Village

Baseline East Village is a new residential community at the intersection of urban life and outdoor adventure that completes the Denver/Boulder triangle. Baseline East Village is designed as the next generation of sustainable urban living and will be part of the nation’s first Pollinator District. Pollinator Districts are communities committed to conserving and improving habitat for pollinators in all aspects of development and operation.

Pollinator Districts engage all the people who live, work, and play in these spaces, encouraging them to experience nature and build a greater appreciation for these critical species and their habitats. This new walkable, urban residential neighborhood is designed around a network of connected gardenways and pocket parks that support, enhance, and protect pollinator habitat.To enhance a fluid, connected lifestyle, the Community Street in Baseline is an inventive way to lay out critical community infrastructure. A true  living street, Community Street gives the public realm back to pedestrians by moving fire lanes to the alleys and artfully incorporating utilities. Colorful planters, a mix of overhead and in-ground lighting, and site furniture are focal points. The community parks within Baseline East Village provide community gathering space right alongside pollinator habitats with the goal to educate the community.

Developer | McWhinney
Land Planner | Norris Design
Landscape Architect/Designer | Norris Design
Photographer | Norris Design

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