6 Ways to Design a Better Home in 2021

COVID-19 has shifted certain buyer preferences as prospective home owners begin rethinking how they live in their homes following the pandemic. This includes not only looking toward potentially larger homes and a shift toward the suburbs, but also creating more flexibility within homes to allow owners to adapt spaces for multiple uses.

The IBSx Education and Exhibitor Showcase offers great educational sessions to help prepare for these shifts and other upcoming trends. Learn more about what to expect in home design for the year ahead with one of these exciting on-demand options.

1. 60 Design Ideas in 60 Minutes

An annual favorite at the International Builders’ Show, this popular session features current design ideas and strategies from industry-leading architects, interior designers, developers and builders that you can use to update your elevations, renew floor plans, animate streetscapes, enhance amenities and develop dynamic neighborhoods.

2. Smaller Floor Plans that Don’t Feel Small: Great Floor Plans Under 2,500 SF

Three industry experts focus on what’s hot in floor plan design for 2021 to help design homes on smaller footprints that don’t feel cramped or limited.

“This is exactly what I had hoped for — inspiration and ideas,” an IBSx attendee stated.

Learn how to pack features into homes that stand out, and “right-size” or subdivide rooms to make space available for other features.

3. Designing Homes & Communities Beyond the Pandemic

When it comes to designing and building homes during and post-pandemic, how can the home building industry better adapt and respond? Experts examine the design elements and community approaches that must change to be prepared. Explore good, healthy design in housing, the success of holistic community approaches and more in this master workshop.

“Great and timely information presented by a team who really know their stuff!” observed one IBSx attendee.

4. Home Trends, Buyer Preferences & Most Likely Features for 2021

NAHB’s latest research identifies how new homes have changed since 2000, the features that builders are most (and least) likely to include in the typical home they build in 2021, and the specific buyer preferences and perceptions about affordability and availability in the housing market.

See how these features come into play into the latest home designs as well. “I love the juxtaposition of survey results with the actual home features,” an IBSx attendee noted.

5. The 2021 Kitchen: Floor Plans, Finishes & Design Details That Make a Kitchen Pop

Take a tour of what makes the ideal 2021 kitchen with two award-winning design leaders. The duo — an architect and interior designer/merchandiser — will walk you through the components of thoughtful kitchen floor plans, fashion-forward finishes and the design details that are essential to take a kitchen from drab to fab.

6. Small Spaces, Big Impact: Bathrooms, Entryways, Storage & Other Jewel Box & Flex Space Buyers Want

Small spaces are the hidden gems of well-designed homes. A team of interior designers and architects walk you through design details, plan considerations, finishes and tech needs of many overlooked and underappreciated small spaces.

“Lita, Theresa and Bill did a super job showing of these great small spaces,” shared another IBSx attendee.

IBSx exhibitors, including Best of IBSx Award winners and platinum exhibitors, also offer an opportunity to explore top products to adopt and enhance these trends. Check out the IBSx exhibitor directory to learn more about what’s up-and-coming.

IBSx registrants can access all of this information through June 30, 2021. Not yet registered? Sign up by March 31 to gain access.

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