From Pastoral Farm To Midtown Chic

Once upon a time, this property was a working family farm, echoing the areas’ lengthy history as a cattle settlement. For decades, the cows grazing just off busy suburban roads proved an incongruous sight, and now, this jewel of land has been transformed into a sophisticated community of homes, apartments, restaurants and retail.

This new “midtown” concept is buzzing with excitement and provides much needed respite in the midst of this bustling locale. Kay Green Design designed Drake Midtown to pay homage to the history of the site by designing a very cozy, current interior, thoughtfully inspired by the pastoral vernacular. The result; a unique retreat, complete with today’s sought-after amenities, and featuring a spirited “rustic chic” vibe.

Drake Midtown – photo courtesy of Kay Green Design

What is Rustic Chic?

Chic is a French word associated with stylishness, while Rustic means related to, or suitable for, the country. Together, Rustic Chic is an interior design alchemy, the chic suggesting culture, fashion and trendiness; while the Rustic element leans to idealizing the natural charm.

Drake Midtown – photo courtesy of Kay Green Design

How can you incorporate Rustic Chic into your own projects?

  • This style tends to recapture the old, yet reinvent with new materials characterized by imperfect finishes.
  • Rough-hewn finishes, marks, divots, scratches and imperfections are purposeful.
  • The materials themselves often provide historical reference (either real or imagined) and are utilized to balance hardness (think steel, iron and brick) with the softness of modern furniture and softgoods.
  • Exposed brick walls are often a key component of this look, but wallpapers can do the job if you aren’t fortunate enough to have the real thing.
  • Scaffold planks, exposed conduit, timber and fencing can be added to create a depth of character; and when paired with modern styled furnishings and accouterments – creates a fresh, nostalgic minded trend that we’ll be seeing well into 2020.
Drake Midtown – photo courtesy of Kay Green Design

About the Project

The site, originally called Griffin Farms after the family of owners, was developed by the renowned group Unicorp National Developments Inc., known for “comprehensive mixed use village centers, luxury apartments, unparalleled retail developments to grand scale master-planned communities.” Kay Green Design (KGD) worked on the interiors. KGD is a nationally recognized interior designer, model merchandising and commercial interior design firm. Since 1975, KGD has provided exceptional full-service interior design services to builders and developers throughout the United States, and beyond. From offices in Winter Park, Florida, the team of over 25 professionals continue the KGD traditions of a distinctive creative approach, combined with unparalleled service, and delivery on-time and in-budget.

Drake Midtown – photo courtesy of Kay Green Design

Post courtesy of Kay Green, MIRM, President and Founder of Kay Green Design, a nationally recognized interior design and model merchandising firm located in Winter Park, Fla.

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