Harnessing Heat: New Innovations in Fireplaces


Fire has been essential to life since the dawn of man, so it’s no surprise the powerful impact fireplaces can have on design. In fact, according to the recent Hot Spots Research Study from fireplace manufacturer Napoleon, home owners are much more likely to associate positive emotions with rooms that have fireplaces compared to rooms that don’t. Unfortunately, as building professionals know, fireplaces can pose design challenges that may inhibit their use.

Dedicated to overcoming challenges and changing the way people look at hearth design, Napoleon is breaking down barriers with its latest innovation, the new Luxuria Linear Series. The product line is a game-changer for design professionals, as it boasts the industry-unique DynamicHeat Control and Glass Guard systems. To put it another way, these systems harness heat, expanding when, where and how fireplaces can be appreciated.

Boundless beauty

Since 2015, mesh safety screens have been required on glassfront gas fireplaces. While no one will discount the importance of this mandate to protect against injury, the screens have left something to be desired when it comes to the beauty of the fireplace. With Napoleon’s new development, however, heat can be redirected, eliminating the need for a safety screen. In effect, the only thing to stand between you and the show-stopping flames of a 6-foot-long fireplace is clear glass that remains cool to the touch.

Another advantage to harnessing the heat is the ability to now use any number of finishes around the fireplace, including combustible materials. The framing options are limitless, allowing designers to achieve almost any style. Design options are further expanded as the series offers four sizes, ranging from 38 to 74 inches long, for cozy applications or a dramatic focal point.

The new Napoleon Luxuria Linear Series boasts the industry-unique Dynamic Heat Control and Glass Guard Systems, which redirect heat and allow for cool-to-the-touch glass without a safety screen.

Limitless locales

The beauty of a fireplace is almost always appreciated; however, the heat is sometimes not. There’s a reason fireplaces are more prevalent in the Northeast compared to the Southwest, and used more often in the winter than the summer. However, with the ability to redirect heat, no matter the location or time of year, home owners can appreciate the ambiance a fireplace offers while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

The heat emitted from a fireplace also often prohibits where they are placed within a room. Challenges such as heat-sensitive electrical equipment, valuable art work and accessibility to pets and children have often dictated where fireplaces can and cannot go. With cool-to-the-touch glass, however, fireplaces can now be appreciated from any room or location as little hands or paws won’t get burned. Plus, the redirected heat now won’t disturb anything surrounding it.

Furthermore, fireplaces can now be incorporated into rooms where home owners may not have wanted the added heat, such as a kitchen or bathroom. And considering the added conveniences of redirected heat and cool glass, builders can now include large linear fireplaces in more public spaces such as restaurants, nursing homes or lobbies.

The new Napoleon Luxuria Linear Series, and its many benefits, will be available for distribution this summer. Industry professionals looking for more information can visit NapoleonFireplaces.com.


Stephen Schroeter is senior vice president of sales and marketing for Napoleon Fireplaces.

This article was originally published in the summer, 2017 issue of Best in American Living™ magazine.




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