Wow! Walnut

This luxury high-rise renovation is an illustration of how to take an ordinary space and transform it into something extraordinary. The sophisticated walnut screens create intimacy and warmth throughout the living area. Blue snakeskin patterned wallpaper gives the feeling of a rich blue sky overhead and complements the warmth of the walnut. The 8-10′ walnut slabs were so large that didn’t fit into the freight elevator, so a cage was built and the slabs were placed on the top!

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The special Claro walnut slabs were shipped from California to create the dining table and bench in the dining, and the bar top. The see through walnut screens create room dividers without blocking the amazing views and are used to cover the wine cabinet. The headboard in the master bedroom comes from a 400-pound Claro walnut slab. The apartment feels contemporary but embraces every guest with a warm “Texas-size” welcome. This walnut wonder demonstrates that if you dream big we can create amazing designs that are unique and raise the bar for design.

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