Top 5 Ways to Create a Home’s Stunning First Impression

Is Your Home Inviting Or Does It Fall Flat?

As professionals, we put a great amount of time and energy into crafting the perfect first impression, from memorizing the ultimate elevator pitch to touting the importance of a firm handshake.

When it comes to home building, the significance of a strong initial impression is no different! Here are five key areas to focus on in order to form a home’s striking first impression.

1)    Pathway

A defined, clean pathway builds excitement in potential home buyers as it welcomes them to further discover what the inside of the home has to offer.

2)    Landscaping

Keeping up with Joneses is important! And in order for a home to truly stand out, the landscaping should “out-do” other yards nearby.

3)    Door

Consider the front door the “handshake” between prospective buyers and the home, making it essential to not overlook this selection. Be sure to review your current door options. Do they portray the style of the home appropriately? There are multiple reasonably priced and exciting door selections out there. Take a look!

Courtesy of Lita Dirks & Co

Courtesy of Lita Dirks & Co

4)    Foyer

Rather than ushering visitors into a cluttered, dark or cramped foyer, create an entry that functions, while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appeal by adding a mirror, color and appropriately scaled furniture and accessories – but not too many!

Courtesy of Lita Dirks & Co

Courtesy of Lita Dirks & Co

5)    Line of Sight

Don’t feel confined by the foyer! A strong line of sight from the entrance to other spaces in the home creates a desire to explore further. Use color, art or interest pieces to draw your visitors in.

Courtesy of Lita Dirks & Co

Courtesy of Lita Dirks & Co


Blog Courtesy of Lita Dirks & Co



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