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2019 Award Winners



Development up to 3 Stories, For Rent




Issaquah, Wash.

Architect/Designer | VIA Architecture

Builder | Exxel Pacific

Developer | The Wolff Company

Photographer | Aaron Locke Photography

This site presented the development and design teams with a unique challenge: providing much-needed, family-friendly housing in the growing Issaquah market while committing to the preservation of lush public parklands and wetlands. Anthology integrates into its ecological surroundings while meeting these demands. 

By consolidating the building area around a loop road and employing tuck-under parking, surface parking was minimized, while making a neighborhood-scale development that encourages walking and connections to nature. The building design was inspired by brightly colored Scandinavian villages with steeply pitched roofs. This style, along with the use of traditional materials, also acts as a nod to the site’s history as farm country. The Red Barn Clubhouse is both a community gathering space and a entrance marker. It includes a game room, kitchen, fitness center, and pool. Outdoor recreation, including a park that will be dedicated to the city as a public amenity, offers residents a wealth of amenity options.

From the Judges
These are beautiful and interesting buildings. The amenity building is amazing, and fits the market for millennials. The judges praised the good alley treatment with tuck-under garages and loved the use of color. In the units’ kitchens, they mentioned the good mix of upper cabinets and open shelves. 

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