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2019 Award Winners



Development 8 Stories & Over, Built for Sale


Stage 1075


San Francisco, Calif.

Architect/Designer | Levy Design Partners

Builder | Build Group

Developer | Encore Capital Management

Land Planner | Cliff Lowe and Associates

Photographer | Bernard André Photography

Located in the center of San Francisco’s Theater District, this eight-story, 90-unit building is a modern interpretation of the neighborhood’s historic past. The design integrates the existing contextual fabric of the two historic adjacent buildings with the use of materials and form.

The façade consists of a rainscreen panel system, glass Juliet balconies, and metal sunscreens, and features a large-scale public art display paying homage to the historic theater district. The building contains exposed concrete columns at the base, expansive glazing with double floor-height expressions braced with angled metal sunscreens at the middle, and a tall shifted plane at the top of the building to provide a sense of openness and lightness as the building progresses upward.   The building achieved LEED Silver certification with the use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient envelope cladding and window systems, and highly efficient mechanical systems with the innovative use of tapping into the San Francisco Steam System allowing to offset the energy used to heat the domestic water for the building.

From the Judges
The building has a nice, unique façade. 

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