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2019 Award Winners



Community Facility




Denver, Colo.

Architect/Designer | Godden | Sudik Architects

Builder | William Lyon Homes

Land Planner | Norris Design

Landscape Architect/Designer | Norris Design

Interior Designer | Possibilities for Design

Photographer | David Patterson Photography

Minutes from the Denver Airport, in an underserved and historically Latino/African-American community, lies Avion. The HUB, a community center designed in conjunction with a Denver metro taxing district, had a distinct goal: Keep building costs affordable and design fashion forward. Raw, stacked, blocked concrete, and meta-detailing are used inside and out. The interior entry becomes art as wood frame surrounds a corrugated metal matte hung with a unique interpretation of local wildlife.

In the kitchen, a full-height backsplash, waterfall island, and island accent tile keep The HUB on trend, while using the least expensive products available. Buyers are young, first-time home owners, embracing pop-up events and flexible free time. Furnishings are movable, with a variety of configurations possible. Lighting communicates with the youthfulness of the target audience. Linear lights cascade in entry and gathering space; lollipop pendants are memorable in the kitchen and indoor/outdoor space. A garage door has a unique retraction: 2/3 of the door acts as an overhang to the exterior, while 1/3 folds inside, creating an urban eatery flair, an ode to Denver’s love of industrial design.

From the Judges
The judges like the concept. It’s “kind of cool” for a smaller neighborhood and millennial audience without spending a lot of money.

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