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2018 Award Winners



Specialty Project


Creative Loft


Stanfordville, N.Y.

Architect/Designer | Daniel Contelmo Architects

Builder | DR Woodworking

Photographer | Daniel Contelmo Jr.

The owners of a 100-year-old storage barn wanted a versatile weekend retreat. Situated into a hill, there are beautiful views of the landscape on three sides. Twelve-foot windows provide an open view of the landscape on the two-story sides. Metal window frames also give a contemporary feel to an otherwise rustic interior. Large shutter doors on the uphill side are opened for summer piano concerts.

Once demolition started, it was clear that many structural elements were not suitable to keep. To create a foundation that could support the barn, a new foundation wall was poured inside the existing retaining wall. To have huge sliding doors with a transom window above, the team selected doors that were supported by the floor instead of needing a header above; the transoms were hung from a structural beam above.

The team wanted the industrial windows to appear as a single unit from the exterior, but needed to hide the floor structure from being seen from the outside. Black glass was used to hide floor structure. During the day, the industrial windows appear continuous between the two levels.

From the Judges
This project is charming. Judges loved how the project team thought through the tall windows and glazing and maintained the character of the original structure. The judges would not mind having their own cozy retreat like this.

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