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2018 Award Winners



Specialty Project


Fort Belvoir Welcome Center


Fort Belvoir, Va.

Architect/Designer | Hirsch Bedner Associates

Builder | CBG Building Company

Developer | CRC Companies, LLC

Interior Designer | Hirsch Bedner Associates

Interior Merchandiser | Hirsch Bedner Associates

Photographer | Jenn Verrier

The Family Housing Welcome Center renovation at The Villages at Belvoir was designed to improve the leasing experience, boost the leasing team’s productivity by maximizing space, and update the aesthetic to attract current and future service member residents.  The welcome center is the first impression point for relocated military families at Fort Belvoir’s on-post housing.

The design team elevated the user experience by incorporating finishes and fixtures equal to that of market-rate housing developments. Since the original layout was inspired by goals developed more than a decade ago, the project team was challenged to reconfigure the space to meet the updated list of needs the space currently requires. Facing building limitations, the team maximized the center’s utility with screening methods to create separate, but unified, spaces. With seating areas, WiFi, television, and children’s play rooms, the space allows prospective residents and their families to relax as they work with the leasing team.

The project team completed the renovation in an occupied residential building and active leasing environment. The leasing team temporarily relocated to a nearby location while maintaining a high level of service so that high occupancy rates were unaffected.

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