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2018 Award Winners



Bath, Over $50,000


Contemporary Oasis


Dallas, Texas

Builder | Kasper Custom Remodeling

Interior Designer | Debra Owens

Photographer | Michael Hunter

The team utilized a teak panel to divvy up vertical space and enclose a new steam shower. Dated tile was replaced with cool textures and natural colors on the walls and floors, and a floating vanity with grain-matched walnut was installed. A variety of lighting was added; from LED strips under the vanities and behind the vanity mirror to star lights in the steam shower/tub area and new can lights throughout, the new bath was bursting with light. The oversized Jacuzzi tub was eliminated to create space for a “serenity room,” complete with heated lounge chair, linear fireplace, and television. The end result was a room with ample light, space to move, and beautiful, contemporary finishes.

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