Project Showcase: March Veterans Village

The project offers much needed transitional housing for returning U.S. veterans. The complex was planned and designed to create a walkable, campus-like setting to provide a nurturing, rehabilitative environment.

Architectural elements celebrating aviation have been incorporated throughout to evoke an image of “taking flight” while paying homage to its location. Services such as job skills training, counseling, meals and more are provided on site, while housing comprises three different specialized programs:

The Veterans in Progress (VIP) program provides short-term, dorm-style housing with on-site counseling for veterans at high risk.

•The Efficiency program provides single-room occupancy units for veterans who are being re-trained for the job market or for those who have found work but are in need of low-cost housing.

•The third component accommodates the families of veterans who are also in need of low-cost housing.

This project was recently awarded LEED Gold certification.

Architect/Designer | Danielian Associates Architects + Planners
Developer | WM. C. Buster Inc.
Landscape Architect/Designer | Urban Arena
Green Verifier/Rater | Green Dinosaur
Photographer | Davies Imaging Group

Judges’ Comments | The development has a pretty exterior, and the LEED certification is worth noting.

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