Project Showcase: The Corden

A haven for low-income families and domestic violence survivors, The Corden offers 62 affordable units, onsite service offices, common areas and biophilic elements to support residents’ health and wellness.

Built on lots owned by two municipal agencies, air rights were transferred from an adjacent basketball court, which was refurbished as part of the development. The resulting eight-story, L-shaped building balances openness with privacy for a sensitive population.

Large windows fill apartment interiors with natural light, while street-level privacy grilles protect anonymity. The Corden also boasts windows along its corridors and even its stairways as an invitation to walk and an inclusive approach to daylighting.

A landscaped courtyard beckons from the lobby with café tables, a passive recreation lawn, and a deck surrounded by lush vegetation and large wood benches. The ground floor also has a children’s playroom, multipurpose rooms, a computer lounge and social service offices.

On the eighth floor, a lounge area and laundry room overlook a green roof and a distant Manhattan skyline. An adjacent program/library space is drenched in sunlight through its east-facing glass wall and solarium ceiling.

The building meets the requirements of Enterprise Green Communities with EPA Energy Star Multifamily High Rise Program compliance.

Judges’ Comments | This development sets a high bar from a design standpoint and provides a good service for the community. Residents have access to a bunch of great amenities, including all of the green space designed in and around the building. It serves an important demographic, and really did a great job creating a welcoming and functional space. 

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