Community of the Week: SoHay

The community seamlessly connects disjointed parcels of Caltrans land originally intended to become a freeway into a series of connected neighborhoods. This plan is achieved through a progressive, holistic approach to walkability, open-space framework, neighborhood character, sustainability and contemporary architectural styles.

As a public/private partnership, this new community was required to meet the needs of both the public and private sector:

  • Relocating and upgrading a neglected public park into a connected amenity with unique features and amenities, and
  • Continuing this connectivity to link the disjointed parcels so both residents and the surrounding neighborhoods have direct walking and biking access to the park amenity, as well as the new retail along Mission Boulevard.

Rather than a homogenous set of buildings, the project provides a wide range of housing opportunities from mixed-use apartments to cluster townhomes to row townhomes. Although all buildings are a fresh contemporary style of architecture, the variety of building forms and scale create a diverse neighborhood with a unique character catering to a wide range of demographics and income range. Unit plans range from one to three bedrooms and one to three-and-a-half bathrooms, with attached garages and private outdoor decks.

Judges’ Comments | The way that the developers took three distinct plots and put them together is impressive. The site plan showcases a lot of detail, including all the walking paths and integration between the plots and their outdoor spaces. The project really transforms the area and provides an affordable, attainable product.

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