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The 3 M’s of Trends

From short-lived fads to timeless truths, designs are drawn from and inspired by the world around us. Nicolle Picray, public relations and brand communications manager for Pella Corporation, shares how to identify ever-changing trends and deliver top-notch designs to potential buyers every time. Read on…

Drop It!

Your purse, boots, baseball gloves, hockey sticks, the mail. We could provide an endless list of what comes in the front door, but where do you put it all? Drop zones are not a revolutionary concept, but for many buyers, they’re essential. Read up on drop-zone how-to’s in this ‘It’s All in the Details’ feature. Read on…

The Dwell Development Brand

What do you know about building green? Anthony Maschmedt, principal and found of Dwell Development and recipient of the Best in Green ‘One to Watch’ Young Professional of the Year Award, shares his insights into the high-performance home space. Read on…

Mastering Site Selection

Adam Kantor of KEPHART and Eric Brown of Artisan Homes share the top seven factors residential land developers should take into account when picking their next parcel, balancing both risk and reward. Read on…

Modern Materials, Traditional Designs

Innovations in manufacturing have allowed builders to recreate authentic architectural details at an affordable price point. Fernando Pages Ruiz shares all the details you need for your next project. Read on…

Header image: Image courtesy of KEPHART and photo taken by Andrew Clark. © Andrew Clark Photography

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