Home Exterior Trend: Low-Maintenance Steel Siding for Today’s Homeowners


Get the insider details on designing with the architectural steel siding that is beloved in this midwestern lake town.

The increased popularity of high-quality, fade resistant and low-maintenance exteriors has helped architects express their unique relationship with steel when creating an iconic design. With homelife being redefined, anything that reduces upkeep and brings enduring beauty is a welcome relief. With these changes, it comes as no surprise, that there has been a movement towards steel siding.

The annual Houzz & Home Study—found that more than half of the homeowners having renovations done upgraded their outdoor areas (57%). And Millennials, who now are the largest generation in American, want an active lifestyle with homes that feature low-maintenance spaces in vibrant communities. Trending products are those that are not only beautiful but need little upkeep and look as good as the day they were installed.

Steel metal siding isn’t new; it’s been around for almost 100 years. But thanks to a host of innovative improvements, there’s been a resurgence of interest in this surprisingly beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly alternative to fiber cement, vinyl and wood.

Pioneer Construction oversaw the construction of this lake home in Grand Haven, Michigan, using Vesta Steel Siding® from Quality Edge in Driftwood and Autumn Thistle.


When choosing exterior products, make sure you look at maintenance. “Using a combination of siding materials can help with the overall visual interest of a house,” says Mike Bouman, P.E., Vice President of Design and Engineering at Pioneer Construction in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “But make sure you look at how much maintenance your chosen material will need. Steel siding, for example, is really good in terms of durability and upkeep.” Maintenance free siding that is an investment you can count on. You don’t want to have to pay a professional to caulk or repaint it every few years. Steel siding offers a solution that won’t melt, crack, rot or collect mold like other siding materials.

Vesta Steel Siding in Driftwood installed vertically.

Resist Fading

A siding material that offers fade protection is best to ensure your exterior is designed to last. For example, Vesta Steel Siding® utilizes a Kynar PVDF paint system that is superior at reflecting the hot, harmful rays of the sun to prevent fading, and forms a thick film barrier that provides resistance against wear and chips.

Vesta Steel Siding from in Driftwood with an Autumn Thistle entry and soffit application.

Withstand the elements

Steel siding is extremely durable against weather. With the dependable, long-standing configuration of shiplap, steel siding today offers a smart, enduring design, clean profile and relentless performance against the elements. Plus, steel siding is impact resistant and carries a Class A Fire Rating for a first barrier of protection you can trust.

A warm wood door accents Vesta Steel Siding Autumn Thistle and Driftwood

Americans are looking to create an outdoor sanctuary that reflects their personality while providing an investment they can count on. Reclaiming or taking ownership of our homes’ exteriors, and how they will impact our lifestyles for decades to come, enhances feelings of satisfaction with our homes.

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