A Designer's Residence Inside and Out:
What Makes the Cut

Elevating the connection between the kitchen and home bar

By Marc Thee

I have always had a love affair with high-quality products. Appliances like those from Thermador set the level of excellence that I needed to live up to with every design decision I made in this kitchen.  

The easy-open refrigerator door panels blew my mind. Large refrigerators can take up so much real estate in the kitchen and I knew I wanted to do something unique over these door panels.

The print on the refrigerator door panel is of a carnivorous pitcher plant, which the designer says “speaks my truth” and is a playful moment that says, “You are here because you are hungry.”

The induction cooktop sits on the counter like a piece of water—liquid luxury. The chic range hood is showcased above the cooktop and adds permanence and celebrates the quietness of the cooktop. I love the way my countertops appear to roll up the walls of my backsplash. The slab has a high-contrast movement that is just stunning.

For the cabinetry, we wanted to create big, vertical towers of metal mesh that would contrast with the clean lines of the highly lacquered wood in the space. I can’t stop staring at these towers; they  are a work of art. The floating drawers and the vertical storage really helped this small-scale kitchen feel larger.

Lightweight, ceiling-hung sculptures are a new way to display art in the home. The designer believes in The Five Elements—metal, wood, fire, water, and earth—”grounding us and giving the earth energy”.

The wall ovens have an edgy stainless feel to them with amazing lighting features that make them the jewelry of the kitchen: so industrial, but sleek and modern at the same time. The coffee system has been a friends-and-family favorite. It’s the first place people run to in the morning! 

A custom, overhead rolling bar cart straddles the island and glides from one side of the kitchen to the other. The subtle connection from the floating shapes to the ceiling detail in the dining room allows the two spaces to connect and flow. 

Creating connection

When we decided to turn this 16-foot kitchen island into a feature moment, we knew this was the perfect slab to use. The stone wraps around the island down to create a runway moment on the floor.

The bar is joined with the kitchen island because I believe it makes good sense to connect these two areas. Gone are the days where there was a bartender and a guest on the opposite side; I want everyone to be together and enjoying life. 

The island has become the epicenter of the home, perfect for hanging out and even conducting an informal work meeting.

For those who entertain, a proudly displayed wine collection is the star of the show.

Wine storage columns place your prized beverage center front row and center. This allows you to preserve and age your favorite vintages in seamless style, with endless options to create an exceptional entertaining space.

About the Author

Marc Thee

Marc Thee is co-founder and design principal of Winter Park, Florida-based Marc-Michaels Interior Design.