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2023 Award Winners


Single-Family Custom

One-of-a-Kind Custom Home 3,001 - 4,000 sq. ft.


Wandering Oak


Asheville, North Carolina

Architect/Designer | Wilson Architects

Builder | Red Tree Builders

Interior Designer | RT Design

Photographer | Tim Burleson Photography

Wandering Oaks stands as a stunning embodiment of design and architecture synergy, and showcases a captivating transitional farmhouse style that flawlessly incorporates diverse materials and expansive windows to invite nature’s beauty indoors.

The conservation of the property’s intrinsic charm was paramount, notably preserving two grand oak trees that held sentinel over the land. With the guidance of a certified tree conservationist, these majestic trees received meticulous care during construction.

Strategically placed on Wandering Oaks Way, the residence offers panoramic views while maintaining privacy. Large windows establish a captivating link between the indoors and the picturesque outdoors, bathing the interior in natural light.

Universal design and age-inclusive principles seamlessly grace the home, adapting to the residents’ evolving needs. The accolades include the esteemed Zero Energy Ready Certification, Indoor Air Plus Certification and Energy Star 3.0 Certification, to create an eco-conscious, energy-efficient and health-focused abode.

Wandering Oaks Way is an inviting haven for family gatherings, where farmhouse allure meets contemporary elegance. The living area exudes comfort through warm tones, organic textures and cozy seating arrangements—a perfect backdrop for forging cherished memories with loved ones.

From the Judges
The angle of this home is purposeful and functions really well, converging at the hearth of the home. Varying materials help to break up different parts of home make it look like it was intentionally added onto over time. There is also a strong indoor-outdoor connection, especially with the symmetrical use of windows in the great room to maximize views.

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