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2020 Award Winners



Community Amenity


Beer Garden & Outdoor Dining on The Pinehills Village Green


Plymouth, Massachusetts

With goals of activating the Village Green park and attracting new visitors to The Pinehills for shopping, dining, and home buying, the Mayflower Beer Garden at The Pinehills was launched in May 2019.  A two-acre grassy park was re-imagined with a combination of grass/hardscape, a showpiece stone fireplace, and movable outdoor furniture, allowing adaptable seating. An oversized umbrella provides cover from extreme weather. Outdoor lighting, games, food trucks, an artisan pop-up shop and live music round out the ambiance.

Mayflower Brewing Company, a local craft brewer, worked with The Pinehills to convert a shipping container into a colorful, industrial bar. The internationally known Wahlburgers Food Truck was secured for a summer residency every Friday night. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, bars and beer gardens were not allowed to open in Massachusetts. The Pinehills pivoted to help its existing restaurants secure permits for extended outdoor dining in the beer garden space. The Pinehills worked to have additional outdoor seating on the Village Green, offering dining throughout the day.

From the Judges
This venue is always crowded. It is the definition of community engagement.

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