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2023 Award Winners


Single-Family Custom

One-of-a-Kind Custom Home 6,001 - 8,000 sq. ft.


Reflection House


Beverly Hills, California

Architect/Designer | Shubin Donaldson

Builder | Hill Construction Company

Landscape Architect/Designer | Hocker

Interior Designer | Lucas Interior

This Midcentury villa epitomizes the definition of world-class building, with precise rich material transitions only found in architectural trophies such as this.

The client’s collection of head-turning art drove the design of the home, and it wasn’t until the selections were complete that the home design could take final shape. Each painting, each sculpture, each furniture piece was chosen with a specific designated location, which was further developed to properly illuminate and showcase.

Upon entering the motor court, an inconspicuous flame-sprayed nickel wall transforms into a custom bifold garage door hidden behind vertical oak glulam louvers. Walking through the one-of-a-kind burled oak entry door, your eyes are immediately drawn to impeccably executed terrazzo floors and up over the rippling infinity pool to the expansive views of the neighboring canyons.

The purposeful reveals, indirect lighting and architectural breaks bring together a stunning collection of natural stones, exotic marble slabs, flame-sprayed metals, and specialty glazing products. The signature exterior element is the pool and sunken firepit area with highly technical waterproofing details, adjoining the house foundation and the pool structure, creating the illusion of a floating water slab hovering past the canyon’s edge.

From the Judges
The home almost feels museum-esque with its artistic features, but the design brings warmth to it. There is a well-thoughtout connection with the outdoors, including a great outdoor sitting area surrounded by infinity pool. The sunken living room also adds a nice Midcentury touch.

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