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2023 Award Winners


Single-Family Custom

On-the-Boards Single-Family Custom Home


Rancho Residence


Encino, California

Architect/Designer | LUNO Design Studio

Interior Designer | LUNO Design Studio

Photographer | LUNO Design Studio

Inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, this Midcentury modern home is organized around a compositional massing strategy. Brick volumes anchor the multiple elements of the home and bookend public program. Structural fins create a rhythm across the facade to help organize secondary elements. Floating roof planes are hung from the structural fins to give definition to the more transparent programmatic elements.

A custom brick screen design becomes a signature feature of the home that reveals itself across the property. The home meanders across the property, creating and revealing a multitude of unique outdoor living spaces. From the main house you meander past the main family pool, designed as a naturalistic folie. With natural rock boulders and waterfalls, the pool acts as a counterpoint to the more angular geometries of the home.

At the rear of the property is the wellness and entertainment program of the home, centered around the tennis pavilion. A lap pool doubles as a beautiful water-feature backdrop for the tennis court. The classic design of the home nestled between several 100-year oaks make it feel as if this property has existed for decades. The materials and details of this home add to its timeless quality.

From the Judges
The renderings on this project are fantastic. It features lots of clean details, including the awesome brick detailing. The structural fins create a Jetsons-era vibe. There’s a lot of nice light and shadowing throughout, but noticeably in the stairs. 

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