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2023 Award Winners



Specialty Project


Bloomfield Hills Residence


Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

This 100-year-old home needed a new front entry. The owner wanted a modern twist on a classic home. The entry looks over a beautifully manicured landscape nestled quietly in a prominent suburban community. The original entry did not take advantage of this view or the property.

The team was tasked with creating a uniquely modern solution that brought the views inside and created an appropriate luxury experience from both inside and outside for guests to the home. The covered wall has a glass roof section to maintain daylighting while still allowing protection from the weather.

The team opened the corner of the foyer with glass to capture the garden views and introduce additional daylighting deep into the home. The result is a spectacular inside out space which makes not only guests, but the home owner feel a part of the natural setting while still experiencing the classic character of the home.

From the Judges
This entryway underwent a huge transformation without messing with the overall aesthetic of the home. It’s incredible how the project opens up a potentially overlooked space and creates such a grand first impression of the home.

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