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2023 Award Winners



On-the-Boards Community


Blackwood Groves


Bozeman, Montana

Architect/Designer | KTGY

Builder | Bridger Builders

Developer | Bridger Land Group

Land Planners | Land Planner: Design Workshop | Site Planner: KTGY

Landscape Architect/Designer | Design5

Photographer | KTGY

With a desire to create a community that sits distinctly apart from other new master-planned communities, Blackwood Groves delivers a mix of for-rent and for-sale housing that meets the diverse needs of Montanans.

The team leveraged their innovative thinking around single-family for-rent and for-sale housing to showcase how each home lives and interacts with the others.

The Cottages are carefully nestled around shared open spaces, including parklets, greenbelts and paseos. These built-to-rent cottage courts create a cozy neighborhood feel, while floor plans and placements within each cluster provide private spaces for each home.

The Porches provide a larger home with inviting front porches that create an amazing interface with the broader community as well as more private open space creating the perfect blend of inviting and intimate gathering zones. The living space is pushed to the front of the home to help promote a welcoming interface with the porch and the front yard.

The Bungalows evoke a more suburban feel, with increased privacy and easier car access, yet remain connected to the community through direct access to multiuse trails and adjacency to open space. This place has both heart and soul, bringing together people from all walks with an active, easy-going vibe.

From the Judges
This development is well thought-out and well articulated, and features good scale and architecture along with places to gather. The houses are awesome, with good variation and porches to encourage interaction. “

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