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2022 Award Winners



Development 8 Stories and Over, For Rent


Atlantic Station


Stamford, Connecticut

Architect/Designer | Lessard Design

Builder | Cappelli Organization

Developer | Cappelli Organization

Photographer | Edson Photography

Atlantic Station is located at the intersection of two main arteries of Stamford, Conn.: Atlantic Street and Tresser Boulevard, in the city’s business core area.

This mixed-use development encompasses both retail and residential in its two phases of construction. Phase One, Atlantic Station, will include 26 stories and 325 rental units amounting to 345,000 square feet of residential and 32,000 square feet of retail space plus 12,000 square feet converted to a restaurant. Phase Two, Atlantic Station West, also includes 26 stories and 325 condominium units, and will encompass 485,000 square feet of residential and 16,400 square feet of retail space. Atlantic Station will altogether include 650 units and 873,400 gross square feet.

Intentional, inspired and precisely envisioned, this is a place designed with life’s finer facets in mind. Here, natural light is abundant, floor plans are optimal, and the materials are hand selected.

From the Judges
The reflections on the exterior are amazing; the building seems to disappear after four levels. It keeps the air space open. Inside, the project offers a great welcome space with rich colors and a good material mixture. The units have beautifully executed bathrooms and tile.

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