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2020 Award Winners



On-the-Boards Community


Pinewood Forest


Fayetteville, Georgia

Architect/Designer | Lew Oliver Inc.

Builders | Redwood Homes | 1023 Construction | McKinney Builders | Brett Baker | Brightwater Homes | Simply Southern

Developer | Pinewood Forest Development

Land Planner | Lew Oliver Inc.

Landscape Architect/Designers | Phillip Shell | Jake Pitman | HGOR | Chau Wall | Bellwether Landscape Architects

Photographers | Imagine Media | Sarah Dorio

Pinewood Forest’s 235 acres revolves around placemaking for a diversity of people, sustainable integrity, and durable, long-lasting design-build success. While much of Fayette County is rural, Pinewood Forest is developing into a New Urbanist world of its own, designated affectionately as a place for creatives to thrive. The design approach focuses on supporting a wide variety of beliefs, family makeups, cultures, careers, and ethnicities. The majority of lot sizes are 30 x 60 ft and 40 x 80 ft.

Buildings have advanced insulated envelopes and some use solar energy. Pervious materials permeate the landscape for a less heat-intensive environment and recharging groundwater. Various socio-economic groups can reside harmoniously side by side. All residential for-sale product is on geothermal energy. The housing includes family compounds that share courtyards, units over garages, townhouses, treehouses, and micro-units, half of which front green streets.  Each unit shares intentionally curated views and efficient pedestrian paths for a healthy, eco-friendly oasis where 51 percent of the greenery was saved.

From the Judges
The judges praised the variety of housing styles, the paseos, clusters of housing, and creative land planning. They noted the good connectivity, good amenities, and architecture sketches. “The mix of housing and how they are grouped is intriguing.”

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