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2020 Award Winners


Single-Family Custom

On-the-Boards Single-Family Custom Home


Snows Lane


Park City, Utah

Architect/Designer | Brandon Architects

Photographer | Brandon Architects

The Snows Lane project is located on an 11-acre lot in the hills of Park City, Utah. The design is comprised of a main house clad in stone that plays off the character of the adjacent woods and mountains. Detached “Activity” and “Garage” barns are designed to look as though they were built decades ago and repurposed for the new owners.

The largest challenge involved developing a strategy to situate and access the project while acknowledging several existing site features. The most restrictive obstacle was a stream running along the property line, which had a 100-foot setback, eliminating placement of the residence amongst the existing structures. It was decided that the optimal location for the new structure would be adjacent to an existing “pond” just outside of the 100-foot setback. The design team developed a meandering driveway that bridges the outlet of the pond, raising the home owners to the height of the waterline, and capturing the reflections of the home on approach. The drive continues along the stream and wraps around the activity barn, revealing a motor court nestled between the various structures. A contemporary glass entry stands as the focal point of the sequence, beckoning guests into the home.

From the Judges
The judges praised the zoning on the floor plan; they noted the two primary circulation spines.

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