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2020 Award Winners


Single-Family Custom

One-of-a-Kind Custom Home Over 8,000 sq. ft.


Sedona Moongate

Judges' Discretionary Award for Creative and Contextual Siting

Scottsdale, Arizona

Architect/Designer | SWABACK PLLC

Builder | 180 Degrees

Interior Designer | SWABACK PLLC

Photographer | Dino Tonn Photography

The Moongate residence seemingly rises out of the red rocks, its curving glass walls strategically placed to capture nearby mountain views and other landmarks. Two half-circle wings, joined by a rectangular entryway and gallery, includes swooping roof overhangs, canted to shade windows and balconies during the summer while allowing winter sun to flood the interior. While the house has a large footprint, the approach to the site does not reveal this. The house is situated in such a manner that its size is not fully realized until one is inside.

The foyer’s glass staircase, suspended by steel rods, is the home’s pièce de résistance, an engineering feat that makes the crystalline treads appear as though they are floating up past a wall of windows. The dwelling’s circular motif is echoed in the floor, custom door, and lighting element in a foyer off the garage. At the home’s entryway, the stacked sandstone base, invisibly mortared, gives the effect that the structure was built into an escarpment. Inside, a second-story glass floor above the front door allows the homeowner to peer down at visitors. The placement of windows and captured views provide 270 degree views with the feeling that the experience is completely private.A wall by the entrance from the garage is clad in backlit onyx. In the kitchen, the custom cabinetry is suspended via a steel frame from beneath the granite counters, allowing the fixtures to float above the floor.

From the Judges
The judges said the house felt carved out of the site, leading to their decision to present it with the award for creative and contextual siting. They praised the integration of the glass and the framing views. They said it looked “so cool from the outside.”

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