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2019 Award Winners


Single-Family Custom

One-of-a-Kind Custom or Spec Home up to 2,000 sq. ft.


162 E 18th St.


Costa Mesa, Calif.

Architect/Designer | amk STUDIO

Builder | South Pointe Construction

Interior Merchandiser | Style to Function

Photographer | Pierre Galant Photography

This project was a response to the developer’s goal to develop two single-family homes on one typical single-family lot by making use of the jurisdiction’s small lot ordinance, which allowed for a lot split. The geometry of the site presented a unique challenge/opportunity for an alley-facing unit, which needed its own identity without having street frontage.

For such a small lot, there is an abundance of private outdoor space, including a patio off the kitchen, a carport that doubles as entertaining space off the dining area, and a screened deck on the second floor off the master bedroom.

From the Judges
The judges praised the kitchen and grilling patio. They liked the interior and said the house is “cute, nice, and pleasant.”  

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