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2018 Award Winners



Adaptive Reuse, Multifamily


The Citizens


Columbus, Ohio

Architect/Designer | KEPHART community :: planning :: architecture

Builder | Duffy Homes

Developer | Edwards Communities

Interior Designer | Studio 4D

Photographer | Steve Hinds Inc.

As one of the tallest buildings in Columbus when it was built in 1917, The Citizens has a rich history and connection to the community. The developer wanted to preserve the history of the building, while converting it to residential use. The name of the community is derived from the initial occupant, Citizens Trust & Savings Bank.

The historical character of the exterior was left untouched with the exception of the windows, which were replaced with new, energy-efficient models. Inside, the team restored as much of the original character as possible, paying special attention to preserving two bank vaults, the detailed ceilings, and the columns of the original bank hall. To restore the columns, the design team got lucky and found the original plasterer’s grandson, who still had the molds and was able to recast the columns.

The bank hall is now a sophisticated public gathering space, featuring a specialty cocktail bar. The vaults have been repurposed and integrated into the design of the bar and the community mail room. During the renovation, stacks of old money orders dating to the 1920s were found; these were used as wallpaper around the entries of the apartment units.

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