BALA Celebrates Inductees Moore, Toll & Pratt

Stephen Moore, Class of 2008

Stephen Moore has held many major positions in NAHB, including the Design Committee where he was instrumental in the creation of the Best in American Living Awards in partnership with Professional Builder magazine and Better Homes and Garden.

He joined BSB Design as marketing director in 1991 in the depths of the recession. At the time, the firm operated two offices with 36 employees and no marketing department. Over the past 16 years, Moore and his team have implemented a series of marketing programs that have raised the nationwide awareness of BSB Design and its capabilities.

Robert “Bob” I. Toll, Class of 2016*

Robert I. Toll was executive chairman of Toll Brothers, Inc., the leading builder of luxury homes. Founded in 1967, Toll Brothers develops residential communities in 20 states. Toll was named CEO of the Year by Builder Magazine in 2005. In FORTUNE Magazine’s 2016 Survey of The World’s Most Admired Companies, Toll Brothers was named the No. 1 home builder worldwide.

Lynne Pratt, Class of 2022

Following a somewhat surprising journey into the home building industry, Lynne Pratt instinctively found her way to home design and locating the design industry’s best and brightest. 

When she married Don Pratt in 1990, she also married into a successful family construction company. Over the years, she donned many hats by necessity and learned the business from numerous perspectives before getting her builder’s license and opening her own building company. She credits the home builders association (HBA) structure for the educational opportunities that remain so crucial to every construction professional. Education and networking opportunities were the HBA’s original draw for Pratt, but she often says that the people she met there have always been the glue that kept her involved.

Involvement in NAHB eventually led her to the Design Committee, where she realized an untold wealth of talent and resources existed that she felt remained largely overlooked by the NAHB membership. Because good design continuously speaks to our senses and feeds our souls, it is also very simply good for business. That realization created Pratt’s desire to ensure that the Design Committee, its vast resources, its multitalented members and the Best in American Living Awards program would be promoted as a premier member benefit.

*Has passed away since receiving the award.

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