BALA Celebrates Inductees Christopher Homes, Dahlin Group & Dersin

Christopher Homes, Class of 2008

Founded in 1981 Christopher Homes is recognized both locally and nationally as an innovative leader in the home building industry.

A pre-eminent characteristic of the company is the high degree of design flexibility it provides for home buyers. From adding bedrooms and baths to extending major living areas to installing elevators, Christopher Homes offers an extensive list of floor plan variations for each of its homes, along with myriad customizing options to suit buyers’ individual lifestyle needs.

Christopher Homes has garnered more than 100 local and national awards, including numerous “Best Custom Home in the Nation,” “Home of the Year,” “Builder of the Year,” “Community of the Year” and “Best in the Region” awards. The company has also been recognized as one of “America’s Best Builders” in Builder Magazine Spotlight Awards.

Dahlin Group Architecture Planning, Class of 2016

Dahlin Group Architecture Planning is an international team of architects and planners that generates definitive environmental solutions that unite community, site and structure.

Dahlin tackles the challenges of urban development, large communities, small neighborhoods and individual building sites with a passion for the spaces and lives within.

Denise Dersin, Class of 2019

Denise Dersin is the editorial director of Scranton Gillette Horizon’s Professional Builder, Custom Builder,, and, business-to-business publications and websites that provide vital information for the housing industry on the topics of business management, design, construction, sales and marketing, and building products. She also conceives and directs the publications’ events, Women in Residential Construction and the 40 Under 40 Executive Summit.

An award-winning writer and editor for more than 30 years, Dersin previously served as editor-in-chief of Builder magazine and editor of Time Life Books. At Time Life, she edited, wrote, or researched more than 50 volumes for four of the company’s best-selling series of books.

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