The Eclectic and Bold 1980s Design

The 1980’s was a decade of bold self-expression, and with influences ranging from punk rock to everything floral, it brought a dynamic and eclectic mix of design trends. 

  1. Pop Art: One of the defining features of 1980’s interior designs was the infusion of pop art influences. Bright, bold colors in varied patterns and shapes appeared on wallpaper, floors, textiles, and furniture. Neon accents, such as neon signs and lighting fixtures, were very popular, bringing an electrifying glow to spaces.
  2. Memphis Design- A defining design style of the 80s known for its distinctive geometric shapes and incorporating squiggles, color blocking, jagged edges, chaotic bold patterns, and black and white stripes contrasting with vibrant, neon, and pastel colors drove design choices. Flooring materials such as laminate and terrazzo became lamps and tables. Instead of just round or rectangles, tables could be triangles, and chairs could have large circles for legs. 
  3. Mirrored Surfaces and Metallic Accents: Mirrors were not just functional in the 80’s but also served as decorative elements, adding depth and visual interest to spaces. Mirrored walls and furniture pieces, such as coffee tables and sideboards, created a sense of glamour and enhanced the play of light within rooms. Pairing metallic accents with the mirrors created an opulent feeling in 80’s home decor.
  4. Pastel Color Palettes: Pastel and floral color palettes were also popular in the 80’s. Soft shades like mint green, baby blue, and blush pink were used to create a more delicate and feminine aesthetic. Pastel colors were incorporated into furniture, upholstery, and even kitchen appliances, bringing a touch of nostalgia and romance to interiors. Neon pastel combinations, such as neon pink with pastel blue or neon yellow with pastel purple, created an unexpected twist and added a lively pop of color.
  5. Interior Home Finishes: Interior 80’s decor also included glass block walls, terrazzo and terracotta flooring, exposed brick, Formica countertops, chrome finishes, and cedar wood. 
  6. Exterior Home Design Choices: Large houses with cathedral ceilings became popular in the 80’s. The exteriors of the homes were an interesting mix of bland beige or loud, vibrant, and contrasting colors. Vinyl was a popular siding choice.

Combining contrasting colors, shapes, and textures solidified the 1980’s as a decade of design experimentation and self-expression. Merging influences from pop art to pop culture, the 80’s celebrated impressive creativity in the design world. 

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