3 Low-Cost Ways to Create Stunning Spaces

The interior design world has countless elements that can be combined to create breathtaking interiors using smaller budgets yet yielding outstanding outcomes.  

Accent walls and ceilings

Accent walls and ceilings are powerful tools that can take any room from ordinary to extraordinary with a small budget. Breaking the monotony of a room by painting a wall or ceiling with a contrasting color or textured paint or hanging patterned wallpaper can result in an outstanding look and bring a lot of character and style to a room.

Although it’s important to choose the right wall to accent, considering the purpose of the room is equally important. the perfect color and material for your accent wall or ceiling will depend on the desired mood, natural light and the square footage of the room.


Decluttering the space and highlighting an element or two can add instant style and change a room’s look and feel. Minimalist designs are based on a “less is more” philosophy and rely on the use of limited materials, natural light, and clean, simple lines.

Through stripping away excess furnishings, accessories, and decorations, and using color as an accent, a new look can be achieved for less with minimalism and simplicity.


Lighting is an essential aspect of design, with the power to transform the entire ambiance of a space. A well-planned lighting scheme not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a room but also has practical implications for functionality and safety. Good lighting can be accomplished with small tweaks to make a room more functional, appealing, and flexible. For example, adding a light fixture can add beauty and drama by highlighting architectural features, creating a sense of depth and setting the mood.

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