Get Ready for BALA: Project Selection

Surely, you have done something unique and award-worthy over the past two plus years. To be eligible for the Best in American Living™ Awards (BALA Awards), the home(s) or project(s) must have been completed or first model opened between Jan. 1, 2021, and Aug. 28, 2023. To be considered complete (vs. on-the-boards), community categories must have at least 50% of the building units and 50% of the infrastructure completed by Aug. 28, 2023.

Think back on the projects you did in 2021 – 2023.  Which one(s) are you particularly proud of and why? Did any require or embody special considerations or unique design challenges? Does one have a really great story associated with it? Which projects do you regularly tell your family, friends, and colleagues about?

For projects that are currently underway and fit the on-the-boards criteria, what is special about them? What “wow” factor has been incorporated into the design? What part of the project do you hope people will be talking about five years from now? 

The same project may be entered for awards in multiple categories. For example, a home can be entered in both the single-family custom and custom kitchen categories.

Finally, winning projects previously entered are not eligible to submit again for the same category. 

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be part of BALA’s historic 40th anniversary.  Which project(s) will you submit?

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